• Welcome, Ayaki!
    Ayaki Sunaga joins the group as a Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellow to work on floppy molecular systems beyond Coulomb interactions!

    Dávid Ferenc has taken up his new position in Toulouse to work on the HAMP-vQED project with Trond Saue towards a variational QED!

  • Annual IAQMS Medal
    Edit Mátyus has been awarded the 2023 IAQMS Medal of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science!

  • Success of our research students!
    Eszter Saly won the Special Prize (Különdíj) in the Theoretical Chemistry Section of the 36th Chemistry OTDK (Hungarian National Student Research Competition) with her automated integrator algorithm.

    Péter Hollósy won the Second Prize in the Quantum Physics Section of the 36th Physics OTDK with his work on fine-structure splittings.

  • Summa cum laude PhD
    Dávid Ferenc has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation! Congratulations and all the best for your future position, Dávid!
  • We wish happy skiing to every molecule!
  • TDK Prize
    Péter Hollósy wins second prize on the Physics Student Research competition at ELTE!
  • Summa cum laude PhD
    Alberto Martín Santa Daría has successfully defended his doctoral thesis! Congratulations and all the best for your new position in Salamanca, Alberto!
  • REHE & best poster in Assisi
    Péter Jeszenszki wins the prize for the best poster on REHE2020/22! Congratulations! We all had a wonderful time in Assisi, many thanks for the REHE2020/22 Organizers!
  • WATOC in Vancouer
    On WATOC 2020/22 in Vancouver, we celebrated the 4-year successful doctoral research with Alberto and David!
  • Excellence scholarship
    Dávid Ferenc wins a pre-doctoral excellence scholarship from the Hungarian Science Foundation. Congratulations!
  • Bolyai Research Fellowship
    Péter Jeszenszki wins a Bolyai Research Fellowship from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences! Congratulations!
  • Publication Prize
    Alberto Martin Santa Daria wins the Publication Prize of the Institute of Chemistry for his recent work on computational rovibrational spectroscopy! Congratulations!
  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences Prize
    Péter Jeszenszki receives the Junior Research Prize from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for his research on precise computation of few-body quantum systems. Congratulations!
  • Excellence scholarship
    Dávid Ferenc wins a 12-month scholarship prize from UNKP for outstanding progress with his doctoral project! Congratulations!
  • OTDK winner
    Robbie Ireland wins the Theoretical Chemistry Section of the 35th Hungarian National Student Research Competition (OTDK) with his work on lower bound theory. Congratulations!
  • Dirac Medal
    Edit Mátyus has been awarded the 2021 Dirac Medal of WATOC.
  • PhD and PD applications
    Applications are invited for PhD and postdoctoral positions to work in the Molecular Quantum Dynamics Research Group at ELTE in Budapest.

    We offer projects in the field of theory, method development, and applications in
    • * rovibrational spectroscopy (rovibrational coupling & large amplitude motions, applications for molecular complexes) and
    • * precision spectroscopy (pre-Born-Oppenheimer or non-adiabatic & bound-state relativistic QED, applications for few-particle molecular systems)
    Our research is driven by the desire to foster the quantum theory of molecules in terms of completeness, consistency, and efficiency - also motivated by input from our experimental colleagues.

    For the positions a solid background in molecular quantum mechanics, mathematics & programming skills, and fluency in English are required.

    Please submit your CV, motivation letter, and the names for at least two references to . The screening starts on 1st October 2020 and continues until the positions are filled.

    • * Starting date for the positions is 1 November 2020 (negotiable).
    • * We offer a competitive salary.
    • * The doctoral position is for 2+2 years.
    • * The post-doctoral position is with an initial appointment for one year with possible extension to further years.
  • Doctoral and post-doctoral positions
    There are doctoral and post-doctoral positions available in the group! Motivated candidates with strong chemical physics background are encouraged to contact the PI!

    We offer a range of student projects!

  • ERC Starting Grant to fund POLYQUANT
    The POLYQUANT project aiming at an ultra-precise computation of molecular paradigms gets launched thanks to the generous EU funding.

  • Excellence doctoral scholarship
    Dávid's excellence doctoral scholarship has been renewed for a second year! Congratulations, Dávid!

  • Ultra-precise energies for electronically excited hydrogen
    Dávid's paper on the inner-well rotational energies of the hydrogen molecule in the double-well EF electronic state improves earlier benchmark by three orders of magnitude.

  • Best Master thesis
    Alberto wins a prize for the best Master thesis at the University of Salamanca. Congratulations, Alberto!
  • High-dimensional quantum dynamics development
    Gustavo's paper on using the Smolyak algorithm for floppy complexes has got published. Exciting applications will follow!

  • Welcome, Alberto!
    Alberto Martin starts working on his doctoral project.
  • Excellent student of the Faculty
    Dávid has been awarded the 'Excellent Student' prize of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Congratulations, Dávid!
  • We are hiring!
    We offer a range of Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral projects! Interested candidates are encouraged to contact the head of the group.

  • Dávid joins the group
    Welcome, Dávid!
  • Quantum Dynamics Meetings in Budapest (2018)
    Our group participates at the AMOC and MOLIM Meetings being held in Budapest during the third week of April!
  • Start with SNF funding
    The Molecular Quantum Dynamics group has been established at ELTE with funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation through a PROMYS Grant.

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